This Team is inspierd by the article on Elitefts.com Pull/Push/Squat Loading Matrix

The initial program is set in a three week wave with 3 workouts each week Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The basic structure is to build up explosiveness focusing on Pull/Push/Squat each day, a very good and simple program for athletes in sports like football, handball and rugby.

before starting the program do a solid warm-up.





Team - Pull/Push/Squat Loading Matrix.1

Monday Wednesday Friday
kb2-power-clean 5*5@auto
bb-bench-press 2*4@auto 2*3@auto 2*2@auto
bb-back-squat 4*3@auto 4*2@auto 4*1@auto
kb2-power-snatch 2*6@auto 2*5@auto 2*4@auto
bb-incline-bench-press 4*6@auto
bb-front-squat 5*5@auto
bb-dead-lift 4*6@auto
bb-push-press 5*5@auto
bb-overhead-squat 2*6@auto 2*5@auto 2*4@auto

Add load to the following set if the reps feels good, if you overshoot brake up the set and stay with the load for the rest of the workout for that exercise.