Team - Big Arms? workout are inspired by the T-Nation article 4 Weeks to Big Arms.


Don’t allow your small brain to keep you from getting Big Arms!

The workouts are deployed as follows

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.


Do a solid warm-up.

add load between sets, if you shoot a bit above your capacity do as many reps with good form then rest 10-15 sec to you have complete the set.    




Team - Big Arms?(w1)

Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday
bb-dead-lift 5*10@A
cable-triceps-push-down 5*10@A
bw-dips 5*5@A
ezb-preacher-curls 5*10@A
db2-decline-triceps-extensions 5*10@A
ezb-curls 5*10@A
bb-bench-press/grip-close 5*10@A
db2-hammer-curls 5*10@A
bb-bend-over-row 5*10@A
bw-push-up 5*10@A
bb-face-curl 5*10@A
cable-kneeling-triceps-extentions 5*10@A
bw-chin-up 5*5@A
db-kick-backs 5*10@A
bb-floor-press 5*10@A
db2-seated-curls 5*10@A
db2-zottman-curls 5*10@A
ezb-french-press 5*10@A
bb-back-squat 5*10@A
bw-knees-2-elbows 5*10@A
db2-seated-press 5*10@A
db2-romanian-dead-lift 5*10@A
db2-walking-lunges 5*10@A
db1-bench-rows 5*10@A